Dee Ann Boyd

Dee Ann lives and works on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and has been a sales coach for Print Tec since 1998 She is the mother of Hannah (13), Benjamin (9) and Claire (9). With her husband Keith, who is the Senior Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church, she leads/teaches an 8-month intensive leadership course called Trinity Leadership Initiative. Dee Ann has a passion for identifying potential in individuals, then helping them to move towards that potential. Originally from Texas, she loves New York City and has made it her home for the last 13 years.

Leadership Performance, New York City Leadership Center

Rev. Gordon Goutremout

Rev. Gordon M. Goutremout, MSCC is founder and president of Cross Roads Soul Care, Inc. Gordon is an ordained minister, and has worked with youth and families over the past twenty-five years as both a Senior Pastor and a Pastor of Youth and Christian Education. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Bible and Christian Education at Northeastern Bible College (Essex Fells, NJ), now a part of The Kings College (NYC). In 2001, he received a Masters of Science in Christian Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University (Langhorne, PA), and went on to earn a Certificate of Post-Graduate Specialization in Christian Counseling in Youth and Family Ministries Counseling. He is also a member in good standing of The American Association of Christian Counselors.

Terry Trayvick

Terry started Level Five Management Consulting in 2006 after over 20 years leading major Fortune 500 organizations and driving breakthrough results. Notable corporate experiences include assignments at General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Sara Lee, and R. R. Donnelley. Terry’s corporate experience includes everything from Cash Manager at Procter and Gamble (where he managed daily the $30Billion in annual cash) to President of R. R. Donnelley’s $1 Billion Global Financial Services Business. Since the founding of Level Five, Terry has successfully provided strategic and execution direction for clients at Pepsico, Kraft Foods, John Houston Custom Homes, Emacx Systems, American Dehydrated Foods, U.S. Foods, and others.

Maryann L. Hayles

Maryann L. Hayles is the Managing Partner, Inner Healing for the Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development. She has coached in the emotional intelligence and inner healing realms for many years and is certified in the Baron Emotional Intelligence instrument. Currently she is the Founder and President of Babyz & Kidz Dynamics, a specialty store for children’s apparel. Prior to her current position, she served as an Accounting Manager in Corporate America at Lloyd Registers of Shipping and Salter Housewares, giving oversight to both the United States and Canadian financial operations for each company. She received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from New York University.

Rupert A. Hayles, Jr.

Rupert A. Hayles, Jr., Ph.D. is the Co-founder and Chairman of Organization and People Dynamics, Inc., an organizational consultancy focusing on emotional and leadership development under the auspices of The Center for Emotional Development and the Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development. He is also the Chief Operating Officer of Pillar College. He is the former Chief Operating Officer of an 8,000-member and 3-500-member organization. He is one of the founding members of the board of the Movement.Org, (formerly the New York City Leadership Center) and chief architects of Advance Leadership Intensive (formerly, Leadership Fellows Program), a program dedicated to the development of leaders in the for-purpose and social sectors. He has coached executives in the for-profit and for-purpose organizations. He has over thirty-five years in the field of strategic management from such organizations as Cytec Industries, Prudential Financial, Christ Church and Merck Pharmaceutical. He served as an Officer in the United States Air Force. He is a previous lecturer and adjunct professor for American
Management Association and Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University. Rupert is author of the books, Practical Strategy: Aligning Business with Information Technology and Emotional Intelligence and the Church.

B.S. – Management Information Systems & Accounting, Stillman School, Seton Hall University
MBA – Finance & Decision Sciences, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. – Change Strategy, School of Leadership, Regent University