About Us

Headquartered in New Jersey, the Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development (CESD) is a professional services organization offering our customers best in-class products and services to help them achieve optimum emotional and spiritual capacity, benefiting all areas of their lives, both personal and professional.

At CESD, we understand that change is a process, not an event. This process includes understanding our clients’ vision for change, integrating our change management activities into a client’s improvement plan, educating key sponsors and stakeholders on change management, assessing the organization’s change readiness, developing a change management strategy and communication plan, coaching people through the change process, and evaluating the success of the change initiative.

CESD draws upon its unique partnerships, set of experiences, knowledge, and the certifications and skills of our team to position our services as assets to our customers. Our goal is to apply the best proven practices in emotional and spiritual development through change management techniques to achieve the expected results of our clients.

We recognize that every company, no matter how small or large, is composed of the same common element: people. It is the individuals within an organization that make the organization world class. A company can have the greatest ideas, products, or service offerings, but ultimately the only way to guarantee results that are in alignment with the company’s core vision is to get the people in the company to perform at peak levels with a clear purpose. Now, more than ever, companies need to focus their energy and resources on nurturing and developing their employees. Companies that make management development a strategic priority will move to the head of the pack and attract and retain the best leadership talent.

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