Mission Statement

Leading an Emotional Revolutions℠ for the comprehensive development of multi-sector leaders

The Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development (CESD) exists to provide exceptional development across a broad range of business, government, family, education, and religious sectors, resulting in the empowerment of our clients to meet their personal and corporate objectives on a regional, national, and global platform.

The heart of the ministry of the Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development (CESD) is our development work with people of faith. We partner with church leadership teams to identify barriers to healthy growth, develop a sequential plan for removing those barriers, and then work with the church leaders to flesh out and implement a plan of action.

“He’s really smart…just not people smart.” You have heard this statement before, maybe even used it once or twice. Do you work with anyone like that? He or she may be one of the millions of workers who are technically competent enough to accomplish the goals and tasks required of the job, yet lack the self-awareness and mastery to control his or her emotions in the workplace.

To be a truly effective leader, you must first be willing to develop an awareness of, and control over, your emotional state. The key to activating the LEAPSET process is to focus on the many different dimensions of a human being, as shown in the diagram below.

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