Liberation and Inner Healing

Have you ever wondered why it is such a struggle to live a victorious life? Have you made numerous resolutions to change your attitude or behavior, gritted your teeth, tried with all your strength to execute your plans, and still found yourself falling short of the mark? Perhaps you have identified some destructive patterns in your family line and you live with the constant fear that these patterns will manifest in your life? Has depression immobilized you to the point that rising from your bed to perform your daily tasks is an ongoing struggle? You may be feeling that you are losing the battle and even prescription drugs cannot alleviate the pain or torment. Have you engaged in an activity which still leaves you with unbearable and burdensome shame, guilt, and condemnation even months, years, or decades later? You just don’t seem able to forgive yourself. Maybe you have been the victim of abuse or experienced severe trauma, even dating back to your childhood.

The answers to these questions may all point to your need for inner healing or liberation. As a tri-partite being with a body, a soul, and a spirit, you have been designed to live an optimal life. The soul is composed of the mind, will, and emotion, and our emotions often work against us. They can become our worst enemy. We may even be unsuspecting participants, hindering ourselves from reaching our full potential. Many of the things we overlook, such as alliances or soul-ties, our spoken words, may have devastating results in our lives and those of others. For example, physical ailments may very well be the results of our words, or those of others spoken to us.

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